How to get a place name present in excel sheet or not

I have an excel sheet containing address for the location and I need to check that the address contain Maharashtra or not
How to do it??
TEsting.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Here we have to check the address in Vendors address column.
And using if condition we need to check if Maharashtra is present or not

Hi @Kunal_Jain ,

Could you let us know what is the End Output that you require ?

Do you just want to check if the word is present in Vendor Address column ?

If so, After reading the Excel sheet as a Datatable using Read Range Activity, you could use the below Expression :

DT.AsEnumerable.Any(Function(x)x("Vendor Address").ToString.Contains("Maharashtra"))

The above Expression could be used in an If Activity.

Let us know if this is not what was expected.

Well I need to add Tax if Maharashtra present than gst to add will be 9 and if not than gst to add will be 18
And as an output in excel need to add gst with data

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