How to get a bot to click on the right row in a datatable

The bot is reading 2 data tables to compare numbers, if it finds a number in the row that doesn’t match it has to click into the application on that particular row.

So for this example the bot ran the first row of scraped data, and it was fine but hit the 2nd row and found that “see notes” so what the bot has to do is click on that 2nd row in the application to activate the application so it can update that see notes to a number. Right now it’s clicking the 1st row. My guess is it has to do a count to know that it’s processing row 2 and apply this variable to the click activity in some way?

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Hi @jeff.shubzda,

Please check this out:

Hey @jeff.shubzda

Could you please share how are you calculating the row number ?

Also, check if the row selector has row number equivalent like 2 for second row, 3 for third row and so on.

If not the logic should be adjusted accordingly.

Hope this helps.


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