Scraping website data which use Tableau?

Hi there, apologies if this is obvious, I’m quite new to RPA.

I need to build a bot which scrapes information from a website which hosts the data on tableau.

The issue I am having is that each line can be clicked on to reveal more information at the bottom of the web page, however, I can’t get the bot to identify each line uniquely to get this (selectors thing it is just one big table).

How could I build the bot so that it clicks an entry, scrapes the appearing bottom data and then moves on to the one below? Annoyingly, arrow key entries do not navigate through this either.

The cell you click within gets highlighted in blue like so, if this helps?

Thanks for your help


Try with Datascraping and check if you are getting the results as per your requirement


click activity comes with a key modifier which defaults to “None”. Change your key modifier to Ctrl which will click on each row individually then use your scrape and go on to click the next one. However, I assume that your data set may vary in size so you will need to first read as a datascrape to get the number of rows. Then you need to use a do while for the click with condition that your datatable.rows.count >0 and within the DoWhile loop reduce the number of rows with an assign after each click/scrape datatable.rows.count = datatable.rows.count - 1. This will lower the row count in the bots brain. Hope that helps



This does not work as I need to get additional information by clicking each line.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response; excuse my ignorance, but what do key modifiers do in this context? If I ctrl + click in a cell, it just selects that cell. I can then click the next cell to then select that too, but unsure what benefit this would be?

RE your second point of using ‘the scrape to to select the next one’, how would I do this exactly? I believe that I won’t be able to achieve this as I don’t think it is able to identify each individual data line.

Are you able to use DataScraping? If so, this will retrieve the data as a table - You can then get the row count for the data table. Is this possible?

Hi @Chris_Bolin

could you please share the process to connect desktop tableau with uipath [orchestrator] error log (Introduction) with tableua

I can scrape the data of the first initial table and that would give me the row count.

The issue is that we then need to click through each of these rows to get the additional information held in three other tables. The clicking through part is the issue.

So eg:

Table 1
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3

Table 2---------------------Table 3------------------------Table 4
Additional Info 1 -------------Additional Info 2---------------Additional Info 3

^ I need to click on row 1 to make additional info appear in table 2-4.
Then I need to click on Row 2 to do the same thing and so on.

It is a very annoying system.

I can’t, it isn’t our tableau :frowning: