How to generate new excel files for each row in input sheet

Hi All,

I have excel file in that for each row i need to create new excel file how to do that.

Report.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Hi @thima ,

Read your Report excel sheet → yourDT
Use for each row in yourDT to loop over each row
Use an assign to tempDT = yourDT.clone
Add data row to add Current row in tempDT
Write range with sheet name of any of your column name (should be unique)

Thats it!, you have all sheets having single rows and now you can delete your old main sheet.



create an output for for each as index and pass that in the sheet name of write range activity


I need to create new excel file not new sheet


then pass the excel files to an array


in the writerange activity

pass in excel path like arr_Excelfiles(index)