How to create new excel row by row and add the whole row into new sheet


How to do this? i want to create the excel sheet and add those rows into that created excel sheet row by row.

Hi @Vinit_Mhatre

You Can Either try with Filter Datatable activity or Select method and write range!

Refer to the xaml below!

Main.xaml (9.2 KB)


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Hi @Vinit_Mhatre ,

Try below steps. thanks.

  1. Use work book read range and store the input excel data into Datatable InputDT.

  2. Use For each row and assign your InputDT and inside for each row loop.
    Use dtout = inputDT.clone so that you will get headers in the outDT.

  3. Use add data row activity in the Array row → {row(0).tostring,row(1).tostring, row(2).tostring} and datatable should be our out DT.

  4. use workbook write range activity assing outputexcel file path like “outputExcel”+InputDT.Rows.IndexOf(row).ToString+“.xlsx” and assign your out DT to write the first row. so it will split input excel into multiple excel files. thanks.

Refer the attached updated work flow.

SplitExcelData2MuipleUpdated.xaml (7.0 KB)

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Thanks @pravin_calvin and @kirankumar.mahanthi1 for this solution


your welcome @Vinit_Mhatre

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