How to form a status report for my all data in the end of my process?

I am extracting tables for each of customer numbers. I want the process continue even if there is an error in one of customers. And in the end, I want to form a report to see if the activity is done for each of my data. Like an excel report with customer number, status (successful or error) column. Could you please help? I tried to use try catch activity but since I am very new, I wasn’t very successful.


Hope you are doing it success part in Try block. If it’s success then assign value like this:

In Assign, row(“Status”) = “Success”

If any error occurs then it will go to Catch block and here use below assign expression.

In Assign, row(“Status”) = “Error”

After all data processed then use Write Range Activity to write into Excel file and pass this dataTable as input to it.

Hi @lakshman , thanks a lot. I tried another way and it works. I built a datatable with ID and status. And with add row activities, I filled the data table.


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