Error Handling with Try Catch with excel output message

Hi Teams,
I’m practicing error handling case with try catch activity.
I’d like to achieve Catch Exception Error in excel output status(NG).Tested with One Of LogIn Browser in which if I executed with right Username & Password, status(OK) else in Catch Activity, I assigned row of Status (NG).

I got one error for multiple assign before Try Catch execution.
And then,I didn’t know try catch process worked or not.
Can I receive check out my xaml file?
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Try Catch Test.xaml (29.7 KB)Try Catch.xlsx (10.0 KB)スクリーンショット (150)_LI


If you want to check whether try catch is working or not then pls don’t run the project in Debug mode
Run in normal mode so that Try catch will execute and exception will be caught by catch block

Ctrl + F5 - Runs the current project.

Cheers @Daffodil

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Thank for reply.Okay I will.
But let me know why this assign error occured. Can I receive check assign statment?

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Make sure these are correct

  1. Columns are correct
    in that case use column index like this
    CurrentRow(0) - for first column
    CurrentRow(1) - for second column @Daffodil

As column index starts with 0 for first column

  1. This multi assign activity is inside FOR EACH ROW activity

  2. And finally
    Try upgrading your activity package to latest version

Go to Design tab → Manage Packages-> project dependencies-> upgrade all the packages

Cheers @

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It’s because your 1st column name in your Excel sheet is "Username ". (Extra whitespace exists at the end of the string.)
Please remove the extra space in your excel sheet or modify column name in your assign to "Username "

In addition Password and Status also has extra space. So correct them as same way.


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@Yoichi ,
Thank for reply.Now I understood Try Catch process by using with message box for step by step.But when I use write cell inside Catch, Output Status only show one row.No increment!Do u have any advice? (6.4 KB)Try Catch.xlsx (8.9 KB)


It’s because you put Throw activity just before If activity.
If you throw exception in Catch section without Try-Catch in the Catch, workflow will exit from Try-Catch activity as exception.
For now, can you try to remove this throw activity?


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