How to forcibly end Robot?

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I use Robot alone without using Studio. Is there a way to forcibly terminate in the process?
If I have Studio, I can use F12 shortcut key, but if it is only Robot, I think user needs to click the stop button from the task bar.
Meanwhile, since the mouse cursor continues to move by robot processing, it is difficult to click the button…
Please give me some hints.

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One fast and easy way to do this is closing the window that the robot is working with. In this case that should throw a error and the robot will stop.


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@flightboy If you need to stop the robot within the workflow ,you can use Terminate Workflow activity.
or you need to stop the robot execution manually during execution, then stop the UiRobot service in task manager -> services tab by passing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

That’s a valid concern. A keyboard shortcut that would emulate an Orchestrator ShouldStop command and Kill commands would be preferred I think.

How about keyboard shortcut that executes Taskkill UiRobot.exe? Not sure if it is doable. (Google might know)

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Doable for sure (with a few .dll hooks), although that could be risky - there might be multiple of them (tray, service, subprocesses started with Invoke Isolated or Launch Interactive) and killing something in the middle of the chain could produce unpredictable results.
Killing it’s process should be a last ditch effort, not the default.

IMHO there also should be a way to let robot finish gracefully (hence ShouldStop simulation as well as Kill) - in FO scenarios that would be very useful. It could be emulated with starting with monitorevents and parallelization, but that’s an implementation burden for a common requirement.

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Hi all,

Thank you a lot of advice!
The way to “throw an exception” is easy,so decide on this!