How to fix the invoke code issue

Hi, I have a workflow when im trying to add any new activity im getting error in the invoke code, even if I’m not making any changes in the Invoke code.The screenshot of the error is attaching below, Im not able to downgrade the system activity while doing also im getting the same issue.
Im attaching the invoke code below, can anyone please help me to solve this?


Which version of UiPath Studio are you using, and which version of the UiPath.System.Activities package?

UiPath Studio -2020.10.2

I’m wondering if it’s a compatibility issue. Based on the official doc:

The Invoke Code activity from UiPath.System.Activities pack version 21.10 is only compatible with UiPath Studio 21.10 or newer versions.

Source: Activities - Invoke Code (

It’s hard to say whether this applies only to 21.10 or to any higher version. If you cannot downgrade the activity, do you have a chance to upgrade your UiPath Studio ?

No, because while im trying to do so im not able to open some activities,Many sequences are there inside that.
Not able to open

Is this the same reason why you cannot downgrade the activity? Or there’s a different reason?

While Im down grading Im getting this kind of issue
(“Missing or Invalid activity”)