How to fix System resource exceeded in access 2016?

Hello All,

I’m having this issue where access database throws exception saying system resource exceeded and I’m using execute query activity to get the count of records in database table.

Here is the query which I’m using “Select Count(*) from Tablename”. I’m using three different access database files and using the same query for all of the 3 database files at different levels of code. However I get this error for only 1 specific database.

Can anyone please help me to fix this issue.


May I know no. of rows in that table ?

Hi @lakshman, there are about 1.2 lakh records in the file which i’m getting the error. However there is another database file which has nearly 4 million records and the same query is working fine without any issues.


Keep all Execute Query activities inside Retry Scope activity and mention Number of Retries as 3 and Retry Interval Time to 5 Sec and then check once.

I still face the same issue. I had also tried executing the same query in access and I get the same error in Access as well.


Then some issue with your query or Table only. If it works there then it should work fine in UiPath also.

Can we do anything at application level to fix the issue?


The below thread might help you.

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Thank you @lakshman, The issue is fixed by setting the affinity of MS Access process to 1 core.

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