How to find the diffrence between two strings?

I.e taking one string as base string and finding the missing or extra elements which are present in another string?

        string s1 = "i have a car a car";
        string s2 = "i have a new car bmw";

        List<string> diff;
        IEnumerable<string> set1 = s1.Split(' ').Distinct();
        IEnumerable<string> set2 = s2.Split(' ').Distinct();

        if (set2.Count() > set1.Count())
            diff = set2.Except(set1).ToList();
            diff = set1.Except(set2).ToList();

Output of this code will be new, bmw


using UiPath for strings more than 256 characters minimum?

Can you explain with a sample how you want to see the result.

got it

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