How to compare 2 strings & print difference?

I’ve 2 strings:
String A = “This is a test”
String B = “This is”

Taking A as reference, I want to compare it with B and print whatever is not present in B.

Expected output after compare: “a test”


May be this will help

use stringA.Replace(StringB,“”) , this will replace the text of stringA and returns the remaining :slight_smile:

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Here you have similar topic from yesterday:

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If you want to capture everything after the first difference, use
var intDiffIndex = String.Compare(string1, string2).
The output of this will be the index of the first difference. Then use Substring method to get the additional text,
var difference = string1.substring(intDiffIndex)

But if you want all the differences, then check the below post.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Madhavi - This is exactly what I was looking for!! :grinning:

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