How to find particular string in extracted data

which string action is using to find in particular data , whether the particular string is there are not.
or any activity is there.


You can check below condition in IF activity.

           strInput.Contains("required string")

Here strInput holds your input value. If particular string exists in the given input then it will return True else False.

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Hello @meeraa ,

If extracted data is in string format, you could use ExtractedDataVariable.Contains(StringToSearch)

If it is a datatable, convert that to string format using output datatable activity and use the above formula.


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@meeraa If you want the activity to use then there is something called Is Equal activity to check the string contains or not


For this you have to install Workflow Manager Activities

Sample Workflow below (2.4 KB)

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@meeraa May I know are you facing any issues with this

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@meeraa There is also something called Is Match activity to check specific string present or not. Find attached workflow below for ref

Capture (2.4 KB)

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