How to find if the email from Outlook is responded?


I came across this problem statement, where i want to track if the email has been responded or no?

I have observed that whenever we respond to an email Outlook adds “You replied to this email on Date & Time.”.

I am sure this get saved somewhere in the Outlook logs but I am not aware about how to access it.


Follow below steps

1)Use get outlook mail activity with property only unreadmails enable
2) once after getting the output from the mail activity with a variable of type list of mail message pass it to a for each loop as a input and change the type argument as in the property panel of for each activity
3)inside the loop use a if condition like this


This solution even I thought of, but only risk I am seeing here is what if the user has modified the Subject line before responding.

I was thinking more on if there is some kind of Properties or Outlook App itself add something within the app so that bot can go and check directly from it (Some kind of log information). That in my opinion would be full proof solution since it will be updated on same Message-ID and it will create Thread-ID (though I am not fully aware of the terminology) as well.

You can check RE: tag in the email body as well. For example if the user replied with updated email subject then we can read email body and we can find the reply.

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