How to find element of collapse menu on this web?

Hi team,
I’d like to click this.(blue button) for data scraping inside collapse menu.
Just Now I try find element to click all blue button but NOT Work.



Press F2 ,click on the blue button and then find element

Hi, iVishalNayak
I already try. but not work
Just now i’d like to click each blue button


Did you try using ui Explorer

yes, I do

So you are able to identify now or not??

I try used ‘****’
idx=‘2’ to idx=’*****’ for dynamic.
but click just one blue button.

No dont use idx,just remove it.
Uncheck it

just dont use idx …thats one of the best practice we follow
completely remove that idx @TheJappeple

Can you show your element ?

the thing is I cant access your site.Its blocked for me

You can try Ui explorer and then select region,anchor elements