How to add multiple subjects in filter property in outlook mail

In outlook mail activity,in filter property how can i add multiple subjects eg:“[Subject]=‘invoice’+’dd/mm/yyyy’" is this is correct?

Hi @priyankavivek,
What about this maybe?

my mail subject contains dates eg.26/09/2019 which may be random (changes for each mail in subjects)

Use variables then and put them into condition.

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as i need to use in filter property

Please check here:

“[Subject]=‘invoice’+’dd/mm/yyyy’ AND [senderemailaddress]‘’“

in filter property of outlookmail,can i please know ?the condition is right?

and above post shows the receiving time ,i need to fetch from the subject of the mail

Can you try this ?


Looks good but simple test it, experiment, look on the forum. There are a lot of similar topics :slight_smile: