How to filter the transaction items information

Dear Colleagues,

How can i split the information in the transaction item ?

Someone know the syntax for it ?

Hi @Lucas_Silva
use this


ashwin S

Are you talking about the Data that you added in the Specialdata collection?
Can you Share a Screenshot of this (Panel with the Special Data configuration)

What is the Intention to split? Can you please Share some more Details with ist. Thanks

Basically i want to split it inside the Process, to insert information in a site where my activity should do.

I didnt get you. Can you give more details on
What Forms the transation Item Data
What will be inserted within the Process


@ppr, I actually didn’t understand however I am trying to answer.

There can be two ways-

  1. There is only one argument and you are storing everything into it using any delimiter like comma (,) - Then you can use split command to extract all items individually.
  2. There are multiple arguments - You can use this syntax to retrieve data TransactionItemName.SpecificContent("ArguementName").ToString

Hope it will help you out.


Kindly Note that @Lucas_Silva was opening the topic. I was asking on more Details only.

@Lucas_Silva vikaskulhari named a few Options. Take a Note on following: transactionitemvar.SpecificContent ist of Datatype dictionary (Of String, Object)

So even the dictionary methods as even LINQ can be used If necessary.

In Case of you need more Help please Share some more Details with US. Thanks

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@vikaskulhari @ppr

Let me explain my intire Process.
I will read an excel file, and them extract some information there, like name / id and some another information.

The way i built it basically, it reads the excel file, apply some filters to only process the information that i want to, after it the information from excel is gathered in a TransactionData, and them i want to have the individual information, like name, correctly syncronized , so i need to somehow split the information, which when transformed in a transationItem it comes like "Lucas, 15 years old, high school " i want to split and storage the information like:

NameVariable : “Lucas”
AgeVariable : “15”
SchoolLevelVariable: “high school”

do it for every simple TransactionItem, how could i do this ?

@Lucas_Silva, please use this code

NameVariable = Split(TransactionItem, “,”)(0)
AgeVariable = Split(TransactionItem, “,”)(1)
SchoolLevelVariable =Split(TransactionItem, “,”)(2)

That’s it


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Your latest input gave more details, but still can be interpretated in multiple ways.

First Part can be understood in a way of a so called Dispatcher for WorkQueue Items:

  • Readin the Excel into a DataTable: Read Range

  • Iterate over each Row and add a Queue Item to a WorkQueue

  • Specific Data (e.g. Name, Age, SchoolLevel) can be stored within the Item Information (Used in way like Custom Data Information)
    (For demo reasons I assumed some Columnnames, Dont forget to assign a good ReferenceID as well)

So now the Queue Items are added to Queue, holding the Custom Information and can be processed later.

Once a QueueItem will be go to get for processing (e.g. Get Transaction Item) - The Custom Information can be retrieved with: YourTransactionItemVar.SpecificContent(“ItemInformationName”)
e.g. YourTransactionItemVar.SpecificContent(“SchoolLevel”) and be used for further processing

Feel free to finetuning e.g. DataTypes etc.

In case of you dont want to work with Orchestrator/WorkQueues etc. then have a check if a Dictionary could be an option as DataType to hold the Custom Information.

Let us know your open Questions


I was wondering doing this in another way, the workflow that i have now, it is only a read excel and transform in a dt variable and them i only filter it and i set it as TransactionData, but do you think using orchestrator queues is better than TransactionItem ?

doing it different is not doing it in the wrong way. Your approach can even be the right solution.

The term TransactionItem is in the UiPath World close to the Transaction Item used in Work Queues. So the hints adressed on this area.

Can you eleaborate more on:

storage the information like:

what is meant with this? What kind of storage?

i set it as TransactionData,

what is meant with this?

Kindly note: I gave you an alternate options as well and even @vikaskulhari had named several valuable hints.

So just tell us more Details on your requirements. Thanks


@ppr @vikaskulhari @AshwinS2 Thank you guys for your help, now i undestand how it works.

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@Lucas_Silva :+1: Happy Automation

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