How to Filter on Specific Time Range 8 am to 10 30pm


I have an excel sheet i want to filter on specific column and specific time like between 8 am to 10 pm but i am not able to do this please guys help me

Thanks & Regards
Zaid Qazi

Hi @zaid.ahmad

Please use the below activity

  1. Read Range activity:

    • Input: “path/to/excel/file.xlsx”
    • Output: dtExcelData (DataTable variable)
  2. Filter Data Table activity:

    • Input: dtExcelData
    • Filter: “[Time] >= #8:00:00 AM# AND [Time] <= #10:00:00 PM#”
    • Output: dtFilteredData (DataTable variable)
  3. Write Range activity:

    • DataTable: dtFilteredData
    • Range: “A1” (or specify the starting cell where you want to write the data)
    • SheetName: “FilteredSheet” (or specify the name of the sheet to write the data)
    • WorkbookPath: “path/to/output/excel/file.xlsx” (or specify the target Excel file)


Hi @zaid.ahmad

Would be better if you provide input sample data, no matters if it’s yuumi data,we just need to check your time formar or columns


Hello sir,

Can you give me the demo on sequence please


Okay I will upload a xaml.