How to filter Line Description and how to fetch F & G labeled ‘Credit Amnt’ and ‘Qty’

Pick the Employee name from ‘Line Description’ column-D and filter all the entries starting with the employee name in SalesJournal file.
For each row of employee details, fetch the values from columns – F & G labeled ‘Credit Amnt’ and ‘Qty’
Open MASTERJOB COST file spreadsheet
Pick the entry matching with the Employee name fetched by filtering from SALES JOURNAL file against the ‘Employee Name’ (column-D)
Compare each row of the filtered entries from Sales Journal to the values mentioned in the MasterJobCost

Hello @Sam_H

Here you can do this with the excel and datatable acitvities.

  1. Read the excel and give the range from your required cell number.
    2)use filter datatable and add the relevant condition and don’t forget to select keep in the activity.

Hi @Sam_H

Have you tried with filter expressions and methods

Check out the docs


tried but getting an error

Dont knw how to use expressions can please help me with that