How to filter large amount of Gmail email by date with uipath

Hello everyone, how can I filter emails by date, when the amount is quite high (2000 emails) getting all the emails could make the robot inefficient, is there a way to filter them when I get them?

Sorry for my bad English

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia,

You can refer to component in the below link which helps you get mail from Gmail with optional filter.

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Thanks for your answer.,What happens is that working with the API, when the robot starts requesting permissions, then the user would have to be present every time the robot is activated to approve the permissions, how could it be done without the need of this?

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia,

It will not seek fro any permissions, it can run in un attended mode.

Could you tell me how? Since entering the ClientID and the ClientSecret in the Gmail Scope, when I run the bot I get the gmail screen asking for permissions to be able to execute


Have you performed the steps specified in resource sheet, iā€™m attaching the same one for your perusal.Create Google Service Account Key and OAuth2 ID.pdf (1.2 MB)