Get Exchange Mail Message Date Filter

I am new to UiPath. I am looking to pull emails from exchange but only want the emails from Today. What is the best way to filter the emails so I can only see the one’s from the current date?

In filter properties"[ReceivedTime]>=’"+DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString+"’"

Thank you this is helpful. Is it possible for me to then us an If activity and for the condition put “if the mail date is today then…” instead of using the exchange date filter?

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you can try different ways for to get filtering the mails. The method is selected based on amount of emails u need to process etc

example is , if you had to check through 100 of emails to filter out the mails with today’s received date, then using a if condition would take certain time to filter out.

while @Divyanshu_Divyanshu method is quick way, it quickly helps to filter the mails quickly too.

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i cannot thank you enough. This is exactly what i needed!

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