How to filter from excel rows that contains letters

I’m trying to filter my rows to get only numbers. But I can’t find a solution for the letters. I need to filter all the letters from alphabet.

Thank you.

Hello @LucasCosta,
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You can do this by extracting text (Substring or Regex) from particular cell. Can you explain why do you need to filter by letters?

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Could you please tell more details for better understanding and filtering in the sense ?

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Of couse!
I need to filter becouse my store data should have only numbers.
I need that all rows from the excel file which has a character to be removed. So i can only pass to the program that rows that contains numbers. I could create an condition for all letters, but it would take a loooong time. I’ve tried to use an array with all the letters inside, but it was unsuccessfully.

appreciate the fast reply, thank you all.

I see familiar things. Are you working with this on Level 3 training? If yes you have there very good written walkthrough document:
Look at page 10 where is Flow Decision activity described based on “double.Parse”. It’s a perfect solution for this.

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Thank you, was trying to do without looking the walkthrough.

I’ll come back if new doubt appear.

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