How to search and list (filter) and show all result in Excel

Hi everyone, i have excel file with many values. Now i want to find all values which contain special character ( like "@;#;$…) and show off for user.
For example, normally, user will use filter many times to get results as picture

Next step, user will correct them then save excel file.
I did it with datatable but how to run on excel?

H @son.dc

Can you share the sample excel file?

Hi @son.dc ,

We could Filter the Datatable to extract the rows that contains the special characters using the below Expression :


A Handling might need to be performed for Direct CopyToDatatable, You could check the below post on handling it :

Could you elaborate more on what is meant by run on Excel ?

The excel file was export from handy scanner. So user will find error values, and correct it, then save.
Barcode_22112022110017.xlsx (29.6 KB)
i use Filter data table activity (because it can do with more than 2 conditions), it show result what i expect, but how to user can fix it directly and save to excel file after edit