How to filter emails from oldest to newest in gmail?

I would like to know if it is possible to perform email filtering using the For Each Email activity with Gmail?

I created a process that performs the extraction of emails in the inbox on a Gmail address, but by default the order of extraction is always from the most recent emails to the oldest emails and I would like to reverse that order.

You could reverse the list using the Reverse method:

In Studio, you would use the Invoke Method activity and pass the list as a parameter.

I would like to know if there is a way to invert the oldest emails to the most recent ones using the date filter of the For Each mail activity


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  1. Let’s say your mail list is mailList.

  2. And then try below expression to reverse the mailList as below.

       mailList = mailList.Reverse.ToArray
  3. And then use For Each loop activity to retrieve one by one email.

       For Each item in mailList

In this way you can get oldest emails first.

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List_of_Mails.Orderby(Function(M) M)

Hi @lakshman

I used the reverse method, but when it is executed, it is not respecting the indicated limitation of 5 emails or any other numbering



Are you getting any error ?

In fact, the method is working. It is performing order reversal by extracting the emails from oldest to newest. But it is not respecting the email limit I set in the filtering and it is extracting more than 100 emails


You mean For Each loop iterating more than 5 times or Email activity reading around 100 emails ?


I limited it to reading 5 emails, but if I limit this number to more or less, the same problem will occur as reading more than 100 emails. When I remove the Reverse method, this problem does not happen.

Hello everybody

I found a solution to this email throttling problem. Before using the Reverse method, I used the Take method and entered the number of emails I want to extract. So I was able to extract the emails from oldest to newest.

Thank you all!


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