How to filter date time on data table


i have read a lot of info on different links but i still cant filter date time AIP Spool_22062020 - Copy.xlsx (21.8 KB) here is my excel i read into a data table and i amtrying to get dates where STMT_DT is btwn 20/06/2020 and 21/06/2020.
Please help me
thanks alot

If I would do it I would assign datetimeStart = 20/06/2020 and datetimeEnd = 21/06/2020
Create a new datatable with the same column names as your original, call it dtNewDataTable
Then create a For Each Row of the datatable from readrange of your excel
Inside the for each row
If Convert.ToDateTime(row(2).ToString) >= datetimeStart or Convert.ToDateTime(row(2).ToString) <= datetimeEnd then
Add row to dtNewDatatable {row(0).ToString,row(1).ToString,row(2).ToString}
Else do nothing

Lastly write your dtnewDataTable to new excel output

Hello, its still not working for me.
here is exactly what i used in an invoke vba

For Each row As DataRow In dtInput.Rows
If Convert.ToDateTime(row(“STMT_DT”).ToString) >= datetimeStart Or Convert.ToDateTime(row(“STMT_DT”).ToString) <= datetimeEnd Then
dtoutput.Rows.Add (row(0).ToString,row(1).ToString,row(2).ToString)
End If


find some starter help here:
DataTable_DateRange_Filtering.xaml (8.2 KB)

@MasterOfLogic Hope below expression will help you as it is working for me
Sequence10.xaml (7.2 KB)
convert.ToDateTime(row.Item(“STMT_DT”))>=convert.ToDateTime(“06/20/2020”) AND convert.ToDateTime(row.Item(“STMT_DT”))<=convert.ToDateTime(“06/21/2020”)

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