How to filter date range and how to retrieve data from the specified column that has been filtered based on the selected columns

hi all…
i need your help since i’m new with this UiPath RPA , i’m having trouble to make the following automation process in excel file, can someone help me?
here is my problem:

First, I want to filter the “Status” column to only select the “Closed” description.
(i have filtered the Status column and i did it well)
Secondly, I want to filter the “Date” column to select only the date that matches the date range in “Date Period” (i can’t filter this column)
Thirdly, I want to retrieve data from the “Description” column that has been filtered based on the “Status” column and “Date” Columns, then put the data in Sheet2 into “put the data here” section.

Here is the view of my excel data.

Thank you!

Have a look at this on how to work with Date filters

@niranjanaa_sha - Welcome to the UiPath Community.

Could you please tell me how does that input column look like, the column which you want to filter has only the time or includes date and time also.



This is how the column lookes like.

@niranjanaa_sha - First Read Excel and store the value in DataTable. Then perform a ForEach loop for that DataTable and inside the loop use

Assign String Array = row(“YourDateColumn”).ToString.Split("T"c)


If YourArrayVariable(1).Contains(“14:”) or YourArrayVariable(1).Contains(“15:”)

Inside If perform your action. This will take only the value between 14 to 15.


Can you please give me a .xaml file.TIA

i need to filter the whole excel based on the time range.i need to fetch all details based on this time range only.please find the sample excel

@niranjanaa_sha - Check this one, only pass the path of the file in Read Range and Write Range. This is something which I have tried. If expert who reads this query can give you a better solution as well. Meanwhile you try this out which I have attached.FilterExcel.xaml (11.1 KB)

When i tried running the file,i am facing the issue in Merge data table.I hope the data table from Read Range should be empty.But the file has data’s in it.

@niranjanaa_sha - Everything is fine, you just need to initialize the all Data Table which are declared. You just as shown in the Image.