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Hi Guys, i have some understanding Problems with my application.

I want to filter columns from my Excel Table. If the a date in my Excel column is older as 6 months i want to copy the Column and paste it in a second Excel file.

I already got the Assign Value to filter 6 Months in the past (DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6).ToString("dd.MM.yyyy“))

Can anyone Help me with this Problem pls? :pray:

@Max_S, which is the exact problem you have? :slight_smile:


Is this what you need?


HI @Max_S

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Try this expression

DtMaster.AsEnumerable.Select (Function(x) x("ColumnNameOrIndex").ToString.Trim.Equals(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6).ToString("dd.MM.yyyy"))).ToArray()

Have a look on it for more info


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