Filter Date

Hello team,

I want to filter excel record where date should be greater than 25th-jan-2015
note that format in excel for date is YYYY-DD-MM (2015-01-25)

Thanks in advance

@abhay Attached zip file meets exact your requirement please check and let me know.:smile: (15.9 KB)

@indra hello. I am new to UIpath.

Your provided method worked, but i want to know the use of “#” in dt.Select(“Date_Column >#”+EndDate+“#”).CopyToDataTable. Please explain


I have been struck in filtering the date using select method.

I need to filter the data based on the dates, my starting date will be 07/16/2019(mm/dd/yyyy) and the end date be 07/31/2019. But while using select method, I shouldn’t hardcode the date and I need to give starting date only i.e.,15 ,

  1. Is it possible to filter data without giving year and month???

Please help me in this regard,

Thanks. I know there are many ways to achieve this. but can you edit my code only. I want to know how to change that particular condition for my learning