How to fill property of GMAIL Scope Activity

Please help to fill this gmail scope activity, which is seems different from SMTP Mail activity.

Have you tried to find this? If yes, do share it.

yes, but i didnt get

Hi, this may help you:
Access with you gmail acc
Select a project (if you havent got one yet, creat it)
Click Enable Apis and Service
Click Gmail API
If is not Active, click Activate. Otherwise, click Manage
Click Creat Identifiers

Which API do you use? >> Gmail API

Which platform do you use to call the API? >> Other platform without user interface

What data will you access? >> Application data

Do you plan to use this API in conjunction with App Engine or Compute Engine? >> No, I do not use them.

Click What credentials do I need? >> Click Creat a service account

Click +Creat a service account >> type whatever service account name you want > Copy Service Account ID (for Client ID) >> Click Creat

Permissions associated with the service account (optional) >> Carry On

Grant access to this service account to users (optional) >> Creat a key >> Choose .P12 >> Save file .p12 same location with Main.xaml

Then you have CertificatePassword = “notasecret”
CertificatePath = “filename.p12”

Such a mess, but hope this help.

Hi guys, I am trying to follow the steps above and have created service account, save .p12 certificate and trying to access my own gmail account with UIPathTeam.Gmail.Activities but it does not work still.

ClientID = is my service account name
Email = is my own email address I want to read emails from
Certificate Path = is full path to my .p12 file including certificate file name

What am I missing? The error I get you can see on the screenshot?

Are there people that use these UI Path activities successfully? Can you please share your experience here?!!!

Please give it a try to the latest GSuite activity pack:
It also offers different authentication options, like API key and OAuth.

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Hi Mateus_Cruz,
unfortunately GSuite is not suitable because it has only 2 functions:

  • Get Mail Messages
  • Send Mail Messages

We need to be able to get particular email by its unique ID, move messages to subfolders etc. It seems that GSuite does not have such functions.

So, if there is somebody who knows how to set up Google API so that it works with UIPathTeam.Gmail.Activities correctly I would really appreciate it.

I see! Yes, the GSuite activities don’t have those features yet, but stay tunned for their updates!

In the meantime, do you necessarily need to use service account? I tried the UiPathTeam.Gmail.Activities activities using OAuth authentication, and it looks like they’re working fine: (14.3 KB)
You can find the steps for setting up the ClientID and ClientSecret in the workflow.

Hi Mateus_Cruz,
thank you for your reply. Finally I have successfully read my messages and downloaded attachments as well. The only thing now which is missing for my project is how to get other parameters of email like for example subject or sender? Is it possible using this suite?

Hi ansty
I used same way, but also has the same error

Have you resolve this issue?

@nearqh @ansty

I am also getting same error. Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi @ansty, my name is Jorge from Peru, could you share me how to solve your problem about Gmail Scope Activity please. Currently I have the same error. I hope can you help me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: