How to use Gmail Scope?

Hi guys,

I’m new to UIPath and struggling with Gmail. I found Gmail Scope and User_guide but still what to put in Client ID or anything else to make it work. Pls help with some example or more details. Thanks.

check if you have permissions in the gmail account
for example:
MailFolder: Inbox
Port: 993

Secure: sslonconnect

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Thanks, could u tell me more about client ID or Certificate Path/Password?

Hi @tranthao240495, my name is Jorge, I’m from Peru, do you solved your questions about Gmail Scope? I hope can you help me. I need to create OAuth 2.0 Client but Google Console Developers options changed and show another options.

If exists another alternative to read and send mails, change and create labels using Gmail Scope, Could you help me about the configuration in Google Developer Console Currently or configuration in options in Gmai Scope.Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: