How to fetch the value from excel column


How to fetch a value from excel column if value are lies between 0-99.


Hi @Riya1 ,

Are you reading the Excel as a Datatable using Read Range Activities ?

We can then process the required data / fetch the data as you need from the datatable.

@supermanPunch yes using read range

@Riya1 ,

Then could you maybe explain in a bit more detail as to what you are trying to perform ?

Maybe with Screenshots you could explain the Steps ?

@supermanPunch ,
I am using for each loop and apply if condition

This would work?

@Riya1 , For Comparisons between Numbers, we would have to Convert it to a Number first like below :


Hello @Riya1

You can refer the below doc.
If you are reading from excel, the format of the value will be in string. So inorder to check for an expression you need to convert string to integer. That can be done in multiple ways as explained in the below doc.


So here if you want to check whether the value is less than 100, then use Convert.ToInt32(row(2).ToString)<=99

If there is a chance for negative values then you can add 2 expressions.
if(Convert.ToInt32(row(2).ToString)<=99 AND Convert.ToInt32(row(2).ToString)>=0)