Row to Excel

Hi, I need to see how to get the records from the column Nro / Comprob. that start with “6” and that in turn in the Difference column is greater than 1.00

then pass the record to another excel
Libro1.xlsx (10.3 KB)


  1. Use an excel application scope
  2. Use a Read Range Activity
  3. now use a for each activity
  4. In an if activity write the condition
    row(“Nro / Comprob”).toString.StartsWith(“6”) AND Convert.toDecimal(row(“Difference”))<1.0
  5. Now add this row to a new data table
  6. Write this data table to a new excel file

podria ser asi?

Here is the workflow:
excelnik.xaml (16.6 KB)
Please tell me if that helps you :slight_smile:


I have attached the workflow…use this…Ignore the .ToDecimal

And this is also happening because in your excel sheet there are spaces IN FRONT AND IN END in the column names…you need to remove that or you have to use row(ColumnNumber) insetad of row(“DIFERENCIA”)

now it works, thank you very much

Could you please mark it as a solution please…