How to fetch Employee Name using Employee ID

how to insert Employee name in mail body? I am using send outlook mail activity & I have employee ID with me, the requirement is in mail body instead of Dear 12345, it should be Dear [Employee name],
So do we have any work around to achive it in send outlook mail activity body itself or any Microsoft API something that will take input as Employee ID & provide Emp Name for outlook?

Thanks in advance.

You could try to use the Microsoft Active Directory Activities Pack, and find out Employee name from ID before inserting it into the body of the e-mail.

Or through CLI : Get-ADUser (ActiveDirectory) | Microsoft Learn

Hey @vighneshgadekar,

Better to use Active Directory from there you can get all the information that is available in outlook about the employee by referring the EmpID.


Hi Sanjit,
Thanks for your reply.
can you pls help me with activity name. Which activity should be used here…

Hey @vighneshgadekar ,

Have a look on this thread it will help you alot. IT Automation Activities for Active Directory Domain Services