How to fetch data from web portal

Hi Experts
I need your help to fetch data from this web portal as see I make red under line I need this data ,
as I checked with data scraping but its not working as you see there is on top with button left side of option total its work like collapse and expand if I click this collapse complete data other than if I click on australia left side button is collapse complete australia related data same like US there could be a multiple country and in one country there could be a multiple data If I create Plus button I can create new partner so overall there could be a multiple partner or one partner same like one or more country please help me out which condition I use to fetch this type of data and what activity I should use as I tried data scraping but this not a data table format
Please help me…

Hi @airwaveexporter !
If you try to use Screen Scraping, does the UiExplorer manage to recognize different fields ? If yes, I would suggest you try to use screen scraping on a perspective where you could get the whole table by hovering, not only the field

I tried but its give un structure data

Would you show us a sample of the extraction ? Like do you think we could use regex on the data to find a better structure ?

Can anyone please resolve this problem


Try screen scraping with full text and then use regex or string manipulation to find the expected values.


I was data in separate table country wise because i need to use that one at the time of editing

Depending on the selectors, you might want to prepare your own Data Table with Build Data Table activity and then extract one field at at a time and put it in the columns you want.

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First time i want to read data and next time i want update any random data according my input
Could you please share any reference

could it possible with modern extraction which we enable from setting and design section (UI Automation) if you have any reference video or document please share i am stuck on it

I would definitely give it a try, as it should be generally more reliable.

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Please help me

a typical first step in such case is to analyze the element structures for setting up a scraping strategy.

The first question to check is:

  • what of data is offerend webdatatable (TABLE Tag)
  • what of data is offered in element boxes (e.g. div Tags)

Once you do know it then you can check if the data can be scrapped in one go or has to be scrapped in interations.

Another question will be automation options for expanding the sections (clicking the plus). Here we can try to use a type into with value of rigth (the right key)