Extracting data from a portal

Hi All,

I need to extract the data values from a portal and the data should contains below details:
1: Patient Information:
2: Gender:
3:TRICARE Program:
4:Date Of Birth:
under “TRICARE Eligibility Information”

I tried for a data in loop it is working fine but for rest of the data(ID) it is not working i.e unable to scrap the data , I am using Get Text activity here , when I tried for other data I am getting selector issues.

Anybody please do needful.
Thanks in advance

Hi @HeartCatcher
please share us the selector

also we can see many open topics from your side , kindly close them

Try with screen scrapping
It should be working fine

Cheers @HeartCatcher

had you checked data table extraction / data scraping?

The above selectors is for gender

Hi @HeartCatcher
i can see ur attribute aaname = ‘M’ which basically wont be constant for every record

so kindly go with data scrapping as suggested By PPR and Palaniyappan

What if i use anchor base activity??

can you show us the element structure for the yellow marked region?

Just use the Browser F12 Web tools

You can…else use get text activity to get the entire text of the container containing all ur controls and then spit at newline and use linq/regex to extract the reqd data fields.
Pas the ID of the container (div/table)

I am getting the output as in the photo how to fetch the required data??

an unusual approach with datascraping:
retrieve all divs

  • col1: the value
  • col2: the css class name
    later you can further process it into a key/vlaue structure


As an alternate we can also use find children and post process the children

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