How to fetch data from corporate data lake to UiPath?

Hello Everyone,

How to fetch data from the corporate data lake to UiPath?
Please suggest


You have db activities throigh which if you have access can connect through them and execute queries to extract

If anythign else is needed please be a little elaborate


Yes, we have the DB activities but then we are not able to establish the data connection with CDL and UiPath


If you are looking for connection string this would help

May be your admin might be able to get the info needed in these connection strings


Yes you are correct @PRASHANT_GABHANE , there is no specific activities exists to connect the CDL. I would suggest to explore CDL client drivers available to use it to expand as ODBC connection. This connection can be further used in DB activities.

Please note, the specification and the notations (entity def for doc db etc) to transalte the data as SQL to be challenge. That something you have to check the client driver can handle it. If not, it will be a lengthy step to/can’t achieve it.

I will try the above solution