How to fetch AWS SSM Parameter value in UiPath Studio?

Hi Team,

We have few configurations stores in AWS SSM Parameters and want to fetch that parameters from the AWS SSM.

Is there any .Nuget package is available in Manage Packages on UiPath Studio to get the Parameters value in UiPath?


Maybe you can try with API, check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 - Thanks for replying,
I had go through the shared document and tried on postman successfully get response. But not able to HTTP request on Get Parameter API due to Get Parameter is Authorized with AWS Signature and HTTP request activity only supports Simple HTTP, OAuth1 and OAuth2.

So through HTTP request we are not able to pass AWS Signature(Access Key, Secret Key, AWS Region, Service Name) in request Authentication.

Can you please suggest How to pass AWS Signature Authentication in HTTP request activity?