How to make a API request using AWS Signature

Hi, I’m trying to make an API request which’s authentication type is AWS Signature, but Http Request Activity does not support.

Could anyone share how to make an API request with AWS Signature in UiPath?

Hello Astor,
Here I have multiple videos where I do Oauth2 with multiple software:

Cristian Negulescu

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Hello, did you find the solution? The same thing happens to me, I want to consume an AWS REST service with AWS Sig4 Authentication.

@Cristian_Negulescu - Facing same issue.

I’m not able to HTTP request on Get Parameter API due to Get Parameter is Authorized with AWS Signature and HTTP request activity only supports Simple HTTP, OAuth1 and OAuth2.

So through HTTP request we are not able to pass AWS Signature(Access Key, Secret Key, AWS Region, Service Name) in request Authentication.

Can you please suggest How to pass AWS Signature Authentication in HTTP request activity?

Hello Sams,
I never used AWS Signature. But from my point of view, you need to USE C# or VB.NET and use invoke code.
I have here 2 videos with all the details on call HTTP request via Invoke code:
UiPath Http Request Upload file with Multipart form-data - YouTube
UiPath download and upload files to any website via (HTTP request) - YouTube