How to Extract "Total amount" from multiple PDF


I’m newbie here and would like to know if there is a simple way of getting “Total amount” from multiple PDFs?

The PDFs is stored in the same file and are all in the same format. I’ve managed to go through all the PDFs in the file by using Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Users\User\Documents”, “PDF Fakturor\2410006500*.pdf”… But I’m only able to use the “Read PDF Text” activity which means I get the whole text for Output when I actually just want the “Total amount”.

Anyone got a solution for this?



I would suggest you to use substring after reading the PDF, you can learn about it here

use assign activity after read pdf activity


7 means 7 characters after the first character.
12 means how many characters after the last index, in this case 7.

Here is an example, just change the invoice_folder_path

NPO_debug.xaml (12.6 KB)


hello beesheep,

in the xaml that you had posted (thanx for that)

how we can write the final value to an excel table?

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Hello, like what? can you elaborate a little more so I can fully help you.
in the mean time you can use a write cell activity.



in the example you had extracted a string iwant just to store it in an XLS file. i had tryed this butit does not work

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Essayez ceci:

Modifiez d’abord le fichier d’extension.
Deuxièmement, bien, juste le premier doit fonctionner MDR

Changez-le à xlsx.

OH ! Look, same issue here, it seems an update from Uipath

@badita is there a way we can confirm?

here is the WF Examples (2).zip (494.7 KB)

also tagging @aksh1yadav and @acaciomelo

I am running the WF on a different computer and works fine.