How to extract the Table form native PDF with Regex

Hi Team,

Here i am trying to Extract the Table values form the Pdf using regex, but facing trouble for the multi line items.

can any one help me how to resolve the issue.

Please refer the below details.

Input : pdf

Input: pdf_to_Text File

PDT_To_Text.txt (33.9 KB)

Expected Output File:

Expected Output.xlsx (12.6 KB)

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Which issues are you facing? Can you describe them?

Unable to extract the multi line items form the Transacation Details column, it should come in a single row. as shown in the expected output.

Finally i have found a solution.

To Extract the Pdf table and write in to excel


  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to Data>Get Data>From File>From Pdf
    3)Give the File Path.
    4)Select the Table to Extract.
    5)It gives the Table Data in New Sheet.

With UiPath.

1)Record the Above steps in Macro
2) Add Parameters to the Power Query Script
3) Pass the values form UiPath and Execute Macro

This will gives the Perfect data form pdf.

Thanks and Regards,
Sai adarsh.

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