How to extract the substring between 2 values of a string

Dear community,

I have the below string and I want to extract only the part between:

How would you advise me to do this using Substring?

"CURRICULUM VITAE / POSITION INSERTPosition\rName INSERTName \rE-mail INSERTBusinessEmailAddress \rBusiness Phone Number INSERTBusinesMobileNumber\r\rPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE\rDD-MMM-YYYY – DD-MMM-YYYY\t\tTitle of the position \rList of the responsibilities\r\r\rEDUCATION & TRAINING \rDD-MMM-YYYY\t\t\t\tTitle of the achieved degree \rDD-MMM-YYYY\t\t\t\tProfessional accreditation and certificates \rList of training and certificates \r\rLANGUAGE / SOFTWARE / ADDITIONAL SKILLS\rList of the languages \t\rIndicate language and level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 \r(native speaker))\r\rAdditional skills \t\t\tInsert additional skills\r\rMEMBERSHIPS\r\rDD-MMM-YYYY Title of the association \rPUBLICATIONS\rTitle of the publication\r\r"

Here is your output.

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