How to extract the designation from signatures in Outlook mail

Hello, I am supposed to extract designation of mail sender from an email chain.

My Approach:

  1. get outlook mail message -> item.body and item.from.address.ToString
  2. In loop, read item.body -> find "From: " and remove all the lines till it finds next empty line. Why? So that all the unnecessary email addresses can be removed and only email addresses in the signatures will be available and we can read line above those email addresses


Where am I stuck?
In step 2! How to delete expected lines and read one line above the email address available in signature.

Note: this task would be performed under controlled environment in which everybody needs to have their e-mail signatures in a specific format like below:

email id

Please suggest me…

so, I followed a rudimentary approach by searching for "From: " string the item.body and then getting the string which is 7 lines behind it. It gave me the designation.

But, truth to be told, this is not what we can deploy for business. I believe Stanford’s NLP activities might prove their significance here but will have to check.

I really need help. I am building Email Automation on Outlook but i don’t know how to remove signature part of the email. I’m extracting the data from outlook message body to Excel . help please.