Extract specific content from mail body

Hi Everyone ,

I would like to extract specific content from my mail body .Can anyone suggest the way ?

We do get employee’s expiry mail and would like to extract Name , Employee ID and Manager Email from the body part and save to an excel file.I need to do it for each expiry mail comes to inbox with different names emp IDs and manager mails…

Please help me on this as I have an urgent task to be done based on this :slight_smile:


You can use matches and give as below


You can extract Name value from this

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Hi @ksrinu070184,

Sorry , I am beginner in Uipath
If you have bit time, would you just display me the code to extract name or email id as an example as I am little confused of :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply

Please find attached

BlankProcess19.zip (16.6 KB)

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Perfect, Thanks a lot Brother…That worked…:slight_smile:
I have one more doubt here …
I would like to send a mail to a mail ID with the results i got ( Name(0).ToString , EmployeeID(0).Tostring, ManagerEmail(0).ToString)

When i prepare mail subject as “Leaver Notification of” +Name(0).ToString , I am getting the below error

“Send Outlook Mail Message: The specified string is not in the form required for a subject.”

Is it possible for me to add the Regex output in Subject and inbetween Body of the mail ?

My mail should be like the following

To - ManagerEmail(0).ToString
**SUbject- “Leaver Notification of” NAME **
Body- Hi Manager Name, ( The name should be split from email id)
-------------------Employee Name


We already store into a Manager / Name Variable, so try to use that variable


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