How to extract odd column index?

Hi everyone,
I have a sample table that I need to extract only odd index columns y because column name may be change next to do that.can anyone help…

Thanks in Advance
Krishna reddy

assign a variable for the first column and then keep on incrementing the value by 2.Then give the variable to the read activity .

Thanks for the response…

this is my sample html table i have to extract columns using the index…

i have done like this but it is giving only first row…
how can i make to extract all rows…


Can you share the workflow please.

Main.xaml (10.2 KB) see once

Cant open it buddy. Your currently working in older version. I am not able to open.

am working on latest version 2019.8 only

So, for that

  1. read range excel sheet. —> DT (DataTable variable)
  2. assign cols = (DT.Columns.Count/2) —> taking half of Column Count
  3. use Remove Data Column activity in while loop by specifying Column Index.
    condition —> iteration <= Math.Round(cols)
    where iteration = 1
  4. increment iteration variable.

I’m attaching my sample workflow, so that you’ll get the better idea. (19.3 KB) :slight_smile: