How to extract null data from queue

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I am extracting data from queue in queue i have candidate name email id and REQID is present for some record i have candidate name and email address but REQ is empty i am trying to fetch that but its show error

in screenshot how can i handle this can anybody help me out on that


First check if there is a value or not as below

IsNothing(in_Transaction_Item.SpecificContent("REQID")) This will return true if there is no value


@Sandhya_Gajare use try catch and if exception occurs update strReqid as Null

Process.xaml (9.5 KB)
I am sharing here code


You can use thw above expression in an if condition before assigning and it would give true or false


can you give me example please bz in code now my code is able to extract the all record if they are in queue issue or exception throw if REQ is null give xml of it if possible for you

queue item is object type whille writing condition in if loop we need to convert to boolean is it


This will give true or false only…IsNothing function will check if the provided object has data or not



You can check if specific content has the REQID before assign:


If specific content has the key, then assign … if not, assign empty string

key mens what i have to do

I have queue with candidate name, emailid,REQID but sometines my REQID is empty
i am trying to access that using simple assign activity but if my transcation item REQID is empty for that i am getting an error so if there is not REQID i expect to print candidate name and email address and for REQID null


Change the asiagn activity like this

Reqid = If(IsNothing(in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("ReqID")),"",in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("ReqID").ToString)

This will assign blank if no value is there else the value that is present is assigned

Hope this helps


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I will check this

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Thanks Anil Work for me

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