How to extract multiple pdf table extraction using cv extract table

How to extract multiple pdf table extraction using cv extract table

Just out of the curiosity wanna ask what exactly issue you are facing while using the cv extract table command?

You can refer this doc for the more understanding if that’s the case.

Link -

And also one suggestion for multi page you can also split the pdf to the individual pages and the. Extract the table or firstly get the total number of page from the adobe acrobat and set the next page from there…

Happy to help

I have multiple pdf’s with same template which consists of key value pairs and order details as table, I would like to extract the table and send to excel with same pdf name. Every time the flow opens a new pdf and completes the extraction, only the fist pdf table which is extracted is writing in all excel files.

When you say first pdf that means first pdf with multiple pages or first pdf with first page.

And it would be helpful if you can show the code and try to run it in a debug mode, might your pdf name is not updating while using cv extract table

please watch the output click here. The table is same for all pdfs

Hi @cheppalli_naga_abhishek
Is it correct that you are using UiAutomation 21.10 with the CvScope in a while / for?

If so, can you please update UiAutomation to 21.12 and retry running the workflow?

Best regards.

I will try and let u know

UiAutomation to 21.12 is not available

In manage packages you have a filter in the upper right corner. Please check: “Include Prerelease” and you should see the 21.12 version

After updating the package, it is working
Thanks you.