How to extract filename

After loading image in load image activities in uipath I’m getting output as image datatype how can I extract image name from that image output
Can anyone provide solution for this thanks in advance.

Hi @Gowtham_Dhanekula

Try Save Image Activity

Ashwin S

We need to pass that image variable as input tot SAVE IMAGE activity and then only we can save that with a name
Make sure that in SAVE IMAGE activity the file extension is mentioned as .png along the Filename

Cheers @Gowtham_Dhanekula

Hi Palani thanks for your quick response my issue is I’m loading particular image in load activity in uipath process after loading image next step I should get particular image name which I have loaded in load image activity how can I get that image name or file name after loading file or image in load image activity.image or file name in particular variable I should save.

As you are loading an image in Load Image , you already gave that file name in it ryt?
So if you just want to get that file name say “D:/ABC.png”------output—> ABC
then u can use


Yah we can try with what @ImPratham45 suggested
That would give us the Filename of the image loaded

Cheers @Gowtham_Dhanekula

Hi Pratham thanks for your response in load image activity after loading image in load image activity properties window input has filepath but I cannot use that in process studio further steps do you know how to use that input in further steps in process studio.

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Before passing the file path To load image pass that filepath as a string input to a string variable with a assign activity
Then mention that in the load image activity and also it can be used any where next to that activity in your workflow
Cheers @Gowtham_Dhanekula

Ok Thanks :+1:

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