How to extract Excel file last saved by name and datetime?

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Could anyone help me with some guidance for extracting an excel file’s Author last saved by name and date info.


You can use this activity to get the file info like

Input: Size (in bytes), Name (file name including extension), Full Name (includes full path) , Folder (full path to the folder containing the file), Last modified date , Last accessed date , Created date (dates including time), IsReadOnly (TRUE or FALSE), Size in KB .

To get the name

str_name = System.IO.File.GetAccessControl(path).GetOwner(GetType(System.Security.Principal.NTAccount)).Value

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Thanks for your guidance, but while using file info activity , I’ve tried extracting the values , but its giving me the modified date and lastwritetime as file downloaded to my local folder which is today’s date “20/09/2023”

Exactly I want the last saved by date which is “31/8/2023 4:09 PM”

Hello @Monisha_P

  1. Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open your Excel file.
  2. Use the “Read Cell” activity to read the “Last Author” and “Last Save Time” properties from the Excel file. These properties are typically located in specific cells in the workbook. For example, you might read cell A1 for the “Last Author” and cell A2 for the “Last Save Time.”
  3. Store the values read from Excel in UiPath variables.
  4. Use the “Message Box” or “Log Message” activity to display or log the extracted information.

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Thanks for the suggestion , anyway got the solution using vba code.

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