How to extract Elements from XML

I know this has been talked about before, but I am getting nothing from the other threads.
Here is a piece of the XML File:

And This is my UiPath Code:

I keep getting this error: System.Xml.XPath.XPathEvaluator+d_1`1[System.Object]

What do I do?

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Hi @ahmedsolmn,

We have activities available in UiPath to serialize deserialize and extract the data same we do in any coding language or from a JSON object.

All you need to do is import UiPath.web.activities from the Manage Packages available in the panel.

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Check this thread and follow the steps.

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Yea I had followed that before but it didn’t work, but I found the issue was with the namespace. When i remove it from the XML everything works.

Is there a way to remove the namespace from the Xdocument.

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The expression in step 4 is throwing error
“End of expression expected”

Please hep asap