How to get values from Xdocument variables in UiPath

Hi Team,

I have a xml string. once i deserialize that using deserialize xml activity. i got the output in xdocument type.

How can get the values.

[<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“XXXXXXXXX” xmlns:soapenc=“XXXXXXXXXXX” xmlns:xsd=“XXXXXX” xmlns:xsi=“XXXXXXXXX”>
<soapenv:Header soapenv:encodingStyle=“XXXXXX” />
<soapenv:Body soapenv:encodingStyle=“XXXXXXX/”>
<p119:addUserResponse xmlns:p119=“XXXXXXXXX”>




i need to get the value Jishnu.PNair how can i get that.

As you have Deal with namespaces have a Look Here for a General Starter Help